Customising your application's favicon (the hard way)

October 6, 2012    Play! Scala Cake Stupidity

This blog post was originally a lightning talk I gave at the Guardian as I was beginning to use Scala and the Play framework.

Imagine you are working in a department that is producing Play apps at a rate of knots. Without careful planning you can end up with a whole row of identical looking tabs in which you can’t distinguish one app from another.

Play apps all look identical

Using the Guardian favicon doesn’t really help that much either…

Play apps all look identical

One approach to create an easily identifiable favicon would be to modify an existing favicon in Photoshop or GIMP. However I am neither rich enough to own Photoshop nor have a mind that is twisted enough to use GIMP. Clearly the answer is to write some scala code:

val favicon = File("src/favicon-blue.png"))

val inputPixels = for {
  x <- 0 until favicon.getWidth
  y <- 0 until favicon.getHeight
} yield Pixel(favicon.getRGB(x,y))

val sortedPixels = inputPixels.distinct.sorted

val paletteSize = 4
val darkest = sortedPixels.head.luminance - 20 // fudge factor
val lightest = sortedPixels.last.luminance
val range = darkest to lightest by ((lightest - darkest) / (paletteSize - 1))

val colourPalette ={ Pixel.luminance(_) }

val remappedPixels = { pixel =>
  colourPalette.reduceLeft { (result, elem) =>
    if ( < {
    } else {

val distinctPixelCounts ={ pixel => 
  pixel.luminance -> remappedPixels.count(pixel ==)

val outputImage = new BufferedImage(width, height, TYPE_INT_RGB)
for {
  x <- 0 until favicon.getWidth
  y <- 0 until favicon.getHeight
} {
  val pixel = remappedPixels.get(x * 16 + y)
  outputImage.setRGB(x, y, pixel.rgb)

ImageIO.write(outputImage, "png", new File("output-new.png"))

println(s"Distribution of remapped pixels (palette of $paletteSize):")
println({ case (lum, count) => s"Luminance: $lum  Count: $count" }.mkString("\n"))

This code reads an existing favicon and converts it into a greyscale image with a smaller palette size. It’s not particularly pretty code but this what happens when we pump in the Guardian favicon:

How the scala code transforms the Guardian favicon

Why stop there?! Let’s write some increasingly ridiculous Scala code:

import sihil.baking._

val ediblePixels = { pixel =>
  new EdiblePixel(pixel.luminance)

val ingredients = List(flour, chocolate, egg, sugar, 
                       moreSugar, moreChocolate, bakingSoda)

val cake = new ChocolateCake(ingredients).baked()

cake.decorate(outputImage, ediblePixels)

So what does that look like when you run it? Well let’s start with the edible pixels. Using dark, milk and white chocolate (plus a mix) we can create four different tones of chocolate. When spread thinly and cut into one centimeter squares with a pizza cutter you get something that looks a little like this:

Edible chocolate pixels

Next we need to bake a cake and make sure we’ve got enough pixels of each type of chocolate.

Piles of chocolate pixels and a chocolate cake

And, having not built a robot for the task, we’ll also need a grid to work from.

Favicon grid

In order to start laying down the pixels we go from the middle outwards. First step is to mark the centre and then mark the center lines in both the x and y direction. Next pixels are individually laid onto the still warm chocolate icing, partially melting as they go on.

Laying the first pixels

Some time later (really quite a long time later, it’s dark now) it is beginning to take shape and the technique of placing pixels has been mastered.

Taking shape

The final cake is carefully photographed directly from above. and then turned into a lower resolution icon suitable for being a favicon.

The finished cake viewed from above

It is carefully masked.

Masked version of the finished cake

Finally the resolution is reduced so it is suitable for being a favicon.

Final favicon

As you can now see we have now created a recognisable favicon for our new application. The hard way.

Our favicon amongst many others

The finished cake was shipped into the office and tasted pretty much as good as it looked…

Guardian favicon as a cake (not made by me)

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