Riff Raff - The Guardian's Continuous Delivery platform, cited by many current and ex-Guardian employees as one of the best around.
  HSTS Checker - A simple Scala/Ammonite script that analyses a DNS zonefile to determine whether it is ready for HSTS preloading.
  Pλ (Plambda) - Work in progress: a somewhat comical attempt to run unmodified Play! framework applications to work in AWS Lambda.
  Certificate Magic! - A tool that enables developers to correctly and safely create the keypair and CSR needed to request a certificate and then automatically install the signed certificate to IAM, CloudFront or API Gateway.
  Prism - Cheekily named after the NSA program, Prism is a multi-AWS account service and resource discovery tool with a simple API.
  hiera-eyaml - A major contributor to a widely used Puppet Hiera plugin allowing an easier way to encrypt sensitive information such as passwords in your Puppet manifests. Also wrote the hiera-eyaml-gpg extension to enable the use of GPG encryption.